16th Sectoral Monitoring Committee Meeting was organized on June 2nd 2015.

16th Sectoral Monitoring Committee meeting was organized on June 2nd 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in Ankara.

Head of Operating Structure Mr. Bekir GEZER and Head of Section of DG REGIO - Mr. Argyrios PISIOTIS co-chaired the meeting. Head of Department for EU Investments Mr. Nedim YEŞİL, Head of Section of the Delegation of the European Union Mr. François BEGEOT, representatives from related departments of MoTMC, DG REGIO, European Delegation to Turkey, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Ministry of European Union Affairs, Ministry of Development etc. and non-governmental organisations like TOBB, TMMOB and etc. have attended to the meeting.

The meeting started with the opening speech of Mr. Bekir GEZER and presentations related to the progress of Transport Operational Programme and other relevant issues have been made by the coordinators of the Department for EU Investments. Relevant topics were discussed with the participation of the European Commission Members, European Delegation Members and other committee members.



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