Railways are Laid; History Awakens

As the Samsun-Kalın Railway Line is being restored with financial assistance from the European Union, tens of historical bridges are being repaired within the framework of the project...

Samsun Kalın Railway Line, which interconnects the two symbolic provinces of the War of Independence - Samsun and Sivas, entered into service in the year 1932. Thus, as the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak line, this line was also one of the big accomplished dreams of the Republic in transportation.

This line, which is 378 kilometres in length, began to be renewed in the year 2015 with the financial assistance of the European Union, in the context of the Transport Operational Programme. The Samsun-Kalın Railway Line Renewal Project will cost a total of 259 million Euros. Of this amount, 220 million Euros will be financed by the European Union grant, while 39 million Euros will be financed with resources from the Republic of Turkey. The special feature of this project is that it is the highest amount to be realised with grants from the EU, outside the EU’s borders.

The project, realised by the Çelikler, Gülermak and AZD Joint Venture is still under construction.


Project Name: Samsun-Kalın Railway Line Renewal Project
Beneficiary Institution: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways
Financial Contribution of the EU: 220 Million Euros (85%)
Total Project Amount: 259 Million Euros

Contractor Company:
Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş. and AZD Praha s.r.o Joint venture under the leadership of Çelikler Taahhüt İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Date of the Contract: 12.06.2015
Starting Date of Work: 26.06.2015
Completion Date of Work According to the Contract: 11.12.2017

Contractor Company:
UBM Uluslararası Birleşmiş Müşavirler Müşavirlik Hizmetleri A.Ş., Ingenieria y Economia del Transporte S.A. (INECO), Mott MacDonald Limited
Date of the Contract: 04.09.2015
Starting Date of Work: 09.09.2015
Completion Date of Work According to the Contract: 09.07.2019


Operational Objective of the Line: Mass Passenger and Freight Transportation
Line Length: 378 Kilometres
Line Characteristics: Single Line
Number of Stations: 41
Line Capacity: 54 trains
Operational Train Speed: 30-40 Kilometres / Hour (average) Maximum Speed: 120 Kilometres/Hour

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